Atkins-Friendly & Gluten-Free

I am a huge believer in the Atkins diet. For one thing, I lost over 30 lbs. on this diet for my wedding. In less than three months. And I was never starving. In fact, I pretty much ate all the time! That’s the best part about Atkins. You get to eat – a lot.

So I’ve been married for a little over a month now, and I’ve put back on some of that weight (easy to do between the honeymoon, traveling for work, and basically loading up on all the amazing goodness of foods that I was missing out on for months leading up to the wedding). So when some of the girls at work told me they were starting Atkins again today, I decided to join in. Why not? It’s super easy – especially when you’re already Gluten Free.

Here are my tips for Atkins-dieting:

For the first two weeks, try to eat less than 20 carbs a day. Seriously, I know, sounds like a suicide mission. But it honestly works. You will hate your life for the first 4-5 days. Warn everyone around you that you will probably be a major witch with a B. Because you pretty much will. But then it wears off and you are nice again because you aren’t hungry anymore once your body gets used to it. 

Foods I Recommend: Eggs, Meat, Bacon, Cheese, Salad, More Meat (basically meat all the time – as much as you want), Green Beans, More Cheese, Broccoli, Cheeseburgers with no bun (yum!), and More Meat.

This to Avoid: Lots of salad dressing, Bread of ANY kind, Rice, Potatoes, Soups, and Anything sweet.

In the mood for something sweet? Try sugar free Jell-o! Only 10 calories and ZERO carbs!

Drink lots of water! But try to not drink any booze for the first two weeks! ((I know – total torture!)) But after that two weeks, adding in a glass or two of wine will feel like heaven and you will have lost so much weight it won’t even bother you that you haven’t been drinking! (By now you’re thinking I am a crazy person, but I swear – it works!!!) Also diet coke is okay too!

After two weeks, try adding some more carbs – but not a lot! Snack on some nuts here and there (they are low in carb). Atkins has some delicious low carb bars that you can find at the grocery store for snacks! Slim fast also makes low carb shakes!

My favorite all time website for this is here: – This blog is all Low Carb, Gluten-Free Recipes. Obviously, I think this girl is a god-send.

So today is day one. It’s easy for me since I am an Atkins-veteran. But not so easy for the Atkins newbies in our office. I will keep you posted on future developments…


2 thoughts on “Atkins-Friendly & Gluten-Free

  1. I laughed out loud at warning everyone you’re starting the diet. I never did Atkins, but the south beach diet instead. The first few days I was fine, but by the 5th day I was not a happy camper and was really sick of chicken and broccoli for dinner which I had been eating for days just out of convenience because I knew it didn’t break the rules. So another good tip would be to keep variety in your meals so that you don’t grow tired of what you’re eating.

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