Eating Gluten Free on the Road

So I haven’t written in a few weeks… I am a slacker when it comes to my blog lately, but my work travel schedule has been insane! I travel a lot for work – sometimes, like this past month, a lot a LOT for work. And for those of you who travel, you know the hardships of eating Gluten-Free on the road. So I thought I would compile some of the highlights of awesome meals over my last few weeks.

1. Outback Steakhouse

Alright, so I am not normally a big Outback Steakhouse girl, but when I am on the road, I’ll eat pretty much anywhere I can. (And anywhere my customer wants to go!) So Outback it was. For starters, Outback has an awesome Gluten-Free menu. No – you can’t get their signature Bloomin’ Onion in a “Gluten Free” version. But you can enjoy their incredible Ahi Tuna in a GF version!!! They clearly highlight everything you can eat on a seperate menu. Check it out here: (No, Outback doesn’t pay me any royalties for endorsing them to my 10 or so readers. Shocking, I know.)

But that isn’t the best part. The absolute best part is their flourless chocolate brownie. This cake will rock your world. I mean it! Delicious gooey gluten-free goodness topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. I just about died while eating it. Just typing this makes me hungry.

2. Mexican Restaurants

If you are not a big Mexican lover, disregard this section. But I am obsessed with Mexican food. Sometimes I think I could exist solely on a diet of cheese dip and margaritas. So when I travel, I carry this obsession with me into my work life.

Things to eat at Mexican restaurants:
Corn tortilla chips (with cheese dip/salsa of course!)
Hard shell tacos
Fajitas with Corn Tortillas
Margaritas (should go without saying)

Or my favorite “Mexican” meal of all time: Chicken covered in cheese dip. If you are at a restaurant with chicken covered in cheese dip and a side of rice on the menu, jump on it. This stuff is glorious! Bonus – to make it “Atkins” friendly, just ask for it with no rice. 🙂

3. Bonefish Grill

Like Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish boasts a Gluten-Free menu. It is what you would expect – fish, steaks and salads mostly. But they do have some delicious fish and steak there, believe it or not!

Other menu items I am obsessed with include their edamame as an appetizer and their gluten-free brownie or creme brulee for dessert!!! Both are absolutely incredible!!!

There are so many incredible restaurants in every city nationwide. Whenever I travel, I tend to eat a lot of red meat and salad (can’t go wrong with a great steakhouse, I’ve always said). But chain restaurants like Outback and Bonefish have done an incredible job accomodating gluten-free customers! So next time you drive by one, stop in and try them. They might surprise you!


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