The Biaggi’s Experience

For those of you who are gluten-free, you know what a treat eating at a restaurant with a really good gluten-free menu can be! I don’t mean one of those restaurants with a “pseudo” gluten-free menu where they really just highlight the salads, steaks and potatos and call that a gluten-free menu. I mean a really good, authentic gluten-free menu with pizzas and pastas and breads! Yum! Bet your mouth is watering right now just thinking about it!

Well Biaggi’s is one of those restaurants. And bonus for me – there is one less than half a mile from my office!

Check out the menu here:

One of my favorite things about eating here has always been not just the amazing pizza and pasta, but also the delicious gluten-free bread they bring out before the meal. Of course you have to request it, but it’s always warm and SO SO good! Since being gluten-free means I hardly ever get bread at a restaurant, this is a special treat for me, and I come extra hungry whenever I plan a meal at Biaggi’s!

Well last Friday I went to lunch at Biaggi’s with my co-workers. Prepped for a carb-loaded lunch, I skipped breakfast and came to lunch extra-hungry. I ordered my usual Diet Dr. Pepper and gluten-free bread. Our server responded with “Gluten-Free bread is an extra dollar.”

I said, “Excuse me? We eat here all the time. When did that happen?”

She told us this was a new policy that went into effect about two weeks ago. She asked if I still wanted the bread and of course I said yes. I was starving! And so excited about eating bread at a restaurant!

My co-workers were so upset! Their regular “gluten-filled” bread was brought to the table at no additional charge. Of course I wasn’t upset about the dollar. It was just a dollar after all. But they were upset about me being singled out like that.

I understand that gluten-free items are more expensive than regular menu items. But several days later something still doesn’t feel quite right about my experience… I will definitely be removing Biaggi’s from my list of favorite Gluten-free friendly restaurants.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you at a restaurant because of a food allergy? Tell me about it!


One thought on “The Biaggi’s Experience

  1. I go to Biaggi’s all the time because of their extensive gluten-free menu. My husband and I last went there in late May, right before the $1 gluten-free bread charge went into effect. Our waiter actually warned me about it while I was there, saying that it was because the cost to make the bread was expensive and it was so popular. He was nice enough to give me an extra batch to take home, since it was the last time I would get it for free. $1 isn’t so bad, but it feels disappointing after getting complimentary GF bread for so long.

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