Gluten-Free News!

So many exciting things are happening in the gluten-free community, I feel like I must share some news!

First and foremost, Pillsbury has announced a line of Gluten-Free products. This includes cookie dough, pie and pastry dough and pizza dough! For a frequent baker and pizza lover like me, this is incredible news! Think about how much easier cooking will be with the help of Pillsbury! Hopefully these gluten-free items will be as delicious as Pillsbury’s non gluten-free line. Can’t wait to try them!

Next in big GF news this week, Dunkin Donuts is adding gluten-free donuts and muffins to their menu items! Can you even believe it?! As if their delicious coffee items weren’t enough, they will soon be catering to the gluten-free community with delicious cinnamon sugar donuts and blueberry muffins. YUM! Can’t wait to try one of these delicious treats!

With so many new delicious gluten-free options, dieting sure will be hard!


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