Gluten Free Independence Day!

There are so many things I love about the 4th of July. A relaxing day off of work, spending time with family, summer weather… But most of all, I love the food. Shocking, I know, but I love an excuse to eat excessively. And make adorably festive gluten-free treats!

This year was my husband’s first Independence Day celebration since he found out he was gluten-intolerant. And it was the day before my scheduled wisdom teeth removal. So I wanted to live it up as much as possible.

Here are two of my favorite Gluten-Free treats from this year’s festivities:

I <3 America Cake!

I ❤ America Cake!

I'm always looking for a excuse to use my heart shaped cake pan and the 4th of July seemed like the perfect occasion! So I whipped up a quick Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix and frosted it. I know, cake decorating is not my strong suit… But it sure was delicious!

White Chocolate covered Strawberries!

We also enjoyed some white chocolate covered strawberries – with blue sprinkles of course! These patriotic treats were super easy to make and everybody loved them!


Even our baby girl was feeling patriotic this year!

How about you? Did you make any delicious gluten-free 4th of July treats of your own?


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