So Long Crunchy Food…

July 5th (or Doom’s Day as I now refer to it) was the day my Wisdom Teeth were removed. Yes, I understand that I am a little bit old to have my Wisdom Teeth removed. However, it should be noted that I did try to have those suckers removed three years ago. What an EPIC failure. Little did that poor surgeon know that I am an anestheologist’s worst nightmare. Halfway through the first tooth removal, I was wide awake and chatting it up like we were BFFs. So he stitched me up and sent me on my way.

This year, with three teeth left, my new surgeon wasn’t messing around. He loaded me up with every drug known to mankind to make sure I wasn’t waking up while he was busy cutting teeth out of my mouth. (A good call on his part, I sure think…) Anyway, technically speaking, the surgery went well I guess. In that I have a mouth free of any wisdom teeth…


That being said, I haven’t eaten solid food in a week. Seriously. It is July 12th! I’ve been living on a diet of mashed potatoes, ice cream, frozen yogurt and soup for 7 entire days! I’ve never wanted to eat a crunchy bowl of cereal or a bag of tortilla chips so badly in my entire life!

I didn’t write this so anybody would feel bad for me. I wrote it to forewarn you that next week (or as soon as I am better), I will be writing all about the crunchy foods I am enjoying! So get ready!


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