Gluten Free Eats – Orlando, FL

I love a vacation. And I definitely love eating on a vacation. After all, isn’t that the best time to indulge in all of the things you wouldn’t normally eat? Frozen drinks, fancy cocktails, and even desserts? So when we planned a family vacation to Orlando, I immediately started researching some of the best gluten free restaurants in the area. And I definitely was not disappointed.

Our trip began on Wednesday night when we arrived at the condo. My mother and sisters had been there since Sunday and my grandparents had gotten to town earlier that afternoon. When my hubby and I walked in, we were immediately greeted with not just hugs, but two kinds of gluten free beer – Omission and New Grist.

photo (20)

Neither of us had ever tried New Grist before, so of course we popped a couple open right away! They did not disappoint. 🙂

The next day, we of course enjoyed some delicious cocktails poolside. I mean with a menu like this, who could resist?

photo (19)

AND our drinks were served in these fantastic pineapples! This vacation was off to an incredible start.

photo (16)

That evening, after a homecooked gluten free spaghetti dinner, we ventured over to Downtown Disney. I had heard about Babycakes NYC, a completely dairy-free, gluten free bakery, and knew we had to try some cupcakes from there while we were in town! There were so many delicious options, I don’t even know how we chose.

photo (17)

We ended up with some “Brownie” cupcakes, a red velvet, and something called the blondie – basically a vanilla cupcake with chocolate chips.

photo (27)

The blondie was definitely my favorite!

Yes, it tasted as good as it looks

Yes, it tasted as good as it looks

Oh, did I mention Babycakes also makes incredible gluten free doughnuts and pumpkin bread? Don’t worry, we were sure to scoop up some of those for breakfast the following day as well!

The gluten free fun didn’t stop at Babycakes though. There was an awesome band playing on the patio at Raglan Road (also in Downtown Disney) so we grabbed a table outside to listen and grab a few drinks. My hubby and I jumped at the Redbridge gluten free beer we spotted on the menu, as we are both big fans. 🙂

photo (18)

When our waiter delivered a menu to the table, he immediately asked if there were any allergies at the table. We were all shocked – and obviously super impressed. When we said four of the five of us were gluten free, he proceeded to tell us all about the gluten free menu options, including fish and chips and onion rings!

Into fish and chips?  Be sure to try Raglan Road for a gluten free version

Into fish and chips? Be sure to try Raglan Road for a gluten free version

We weren’t even hungry but we opted for an order of onion rings. I mean, come on, can you blame us? Just look at these babies. They were INSANELY good – and vanished within minutes.

photo (30)

I’m still not sure how we recovered from the binge-fest that took place on Thursday night, but somehow by the following afternoon, we were ready to get after it again. After using my handy “Find Me Gluten Free” app, we decided to head over to Benihana for some hibachi and sushi – with gluten free soy sauce!

Our dinner was delicious, and the chef was careful to prepare all of the gluten free meals at the table first (rice too!) before making the gluten-filled items for the rest of the guests we were sitting with.

photo (24)

The only thing that is kind of a downer about Benihana was the lack of awesome sauces! You know those incredible sauces they bring with everyone’s meal to dip your food in (or pour all over your food, if you prefer to load up with deliciousness)?! Well, it turns out those sauces are made with soy sauce – aka they are not gluten free. I have to ask though, if Benihana has gluten free soy sauce available, why don’t they have a batch of regular sauce and a batch made with GF soy sauce? Surely I can’t be the first person to think of this!

Saturday (our final day of vaca!) finally arrived. After a day of delicious gluten free snacks at the condo, including some fabulous chocolate chip cookies made with XO Gluten Free Flour, we found ourselves looking for places for dinner. (What? More eating?! I know, we are crazy people)

photo (23)

We found a Bonefish Grill not too far from the hotel and decided to eat there since my mother and sisters had never been to one before. The hubs and I are big lovers of Bonefish – and their incredible gluten free menu. Let’s just say that this meal did not disappoint either. Three of us opted for the filet mignon (A-MAZ-ING, if I do say so myself) while one of my sisters enjoyed an awesome salad.

The icing on the cake was when our waiter brought over an incredible GF macadamia nut brownie to celebrate my hubby’s birthday! It took approximately 35 seconds for the five of us to devour that little slice of heaven.

Are you not DYING to try this now?!

Are you not DYING to try this now?!

Seriously, are you not drooling right now?!

Our entire trip was absolutely incredible – and full of so many delicious meals! Needless to say, tomorrow I start my vacation recovery diet. 🙂

For those of you interested in learning more about awesome GF (or dairy-free) places to eat at Disney World, check out this awesome blog:


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