Gluten Free Pancakes that Will Rock Your World

I love breakfast. Well really I just love eating. But since I hardly ever eat breakfast, it feels like a special treat whenever I do. (If you are reading this grandma, I know breakfast is an important way to start your day and I’m sorry for slacking). Anyway, since I went gluten free I have been looking for an awesome gluten free pancake mix. The kind that has that light fluffy feel of regular “gluten-filled” pancakes. You know what I mean…

I’ve tried several different pancake mixes – Pamelas and Bisquick included – and while they were good, they didn’t just knock my socks off. Then I found Ad-Hoc Pacake Mix at Williams Sonoma. If you’ve read my blog in the past, you know I am a fan of Williams Sonoma selection of gluten free goodies, including their Bouchon Bakery cookie mix. So I said to myself, if those cookies are so dang good, this pancake mix can’t be half bad either.


Turns out it absolutely rocked my world.

And it’s super easy! Add some butter, milk and an egg, and you’ve got your pancake batter! I found mine was a little thick at first, so I added milk throughout the process to get the consistency I wanted. Needless to say, the pancakes cooked last were the most delicious. 🙂

Of course I thought they were good – I have been gluten free for years and hardly remember the taste of regular pancakes. The real test was whether or not my husband (gluten free for only 5 months now) would like them…


He didn’t just like them. He devoured them. In fact, he liked them so much he barely spoke a word the entire meal. When he was finished he assured me that they were the best gluten free pancakes I had ever made. Well, thanks, I think.

With an $18.95 price tag, they better be delicious, right? That price includes two packets of mix that can be used for either pancakes or waffles. Our batch made approximately 12 pancakes.

Have any of you tried them before? What did you think of this mix?


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