Grilled Buffalo Shrimp

Last night’s appetizer was hometown inspired. You guessed it – there was Frank’s Hot Sauce involved. There almost always is with me. I love some Buffalo-flavored foods. So when it comes to my shrimp, why should things be any different?

This recipe is so delicious – and so easy – you’ll be dying to rush home and whip up a batch of your own!

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes

What you’ll need:
1 bag of cooked and peeled shrimp
Frank’s hot sauce (as desired)
1/2 Stick of Butter
Bleu cheese for dipping (optional)

(If using frozen shrimp, be sure to thaw out the shrimp a little bit so they are easier to put on a skewer.)


Take a skewer (I’ve found metal ones work best for grilling) and slide shrimp onto the skewer one at a time. Go ahead and fit as many onto the skewer as you can.


Melt butter into a small dish and combine with Frank’s Hot Sauce. Use as much Frank’s as you’d like. Don’t be afraid to use more than you normally would – some of the spiciness burns off during grilling! Brush the mixture over each of your skewers. Be sure to turn over and get the backs!


Now all that’s left to do is grill those babies! If you have some leftover Frank’s/butter mixture, be sure to take it with you out to the grill. You may want to spread some more on during the grilling process. Don’t be afraid to coat your shrimp with this sauce – I promise, more is definitely better in this case 😉

Once they’re finished, enjoy them alone as a meal or as a side like we did last night.


How outrageously enormous is that steak?!



One thought on “Grilled Buffalo Shrimp

  1. Awesome recipe – and definitely one of my favorites, too! When I prepare these, I actually soak the shrimp in the butter/Frank’s mixture for awhile before I skewer them. It’s definitely a messier process, but that’s half the fun!

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