Why I Believe in the Atkins Diet

I have tried a lot of diets in my days. South Beach, Atkins, calorie counting, and just plain old “healthy eating”. But there are two things about me that make dieting hard. 1. I love food. The feeling of “being hungry” just does not work for me. And “low fat” foods just don’t taste as good as the real thing 2. I like to see results quickly. Or else I get off track. For those two reasons alone, Atkins has always been the only diet that I’ve ever really been good at. I can eat as much as I want (primarly meats, cheese and eggs) so I never feel hungry and the weight comes off relatively quickly (instant gratification!).

Now, I know there are some Atkins-haters out there. I’ve read article after article about Atkins being a fad diet and not really working and not being a sustainable weight loss method. But let me just tell you from personal experience, it works.

Last fall, 6 months away from my wedding. (You know, the day most girls spend their whole life dreaming about) I went to pick up my wedding dress when it arrived at the boutique and it fit perfectly. Well, I did order it for my current size after all. But something about the way I looked in it just wasn’t quite right. I wanted to lose some weight. Just 10 pounds before the wedding, I told myself.

Being Gluten Free already, Atkins was an easy transition. I already avoided many carbohydrates like breads and cookies on a daily basis. Now I just needed to cut out a few other things that I loved like rice, tortilla chips and margaritas. (Oh! The beloved margarita!) But this was my WEDDING! I could do it! So I did. A month went by, two months, three… Before I knew it I had lost 30 pounds and I was the smallest size I had ever been in my life.

My apologies for this blurry selfie and my ridiculously messy closet

My apologies for this blurry selfie and my ridiculously messy closet

Well so much for just losing ten pounds, huh?

But it was only December. My wedding wasn’t until March! How would I keep the weight off for another 3 months? Well, I did what Atkins suggests you do. I started gradually adding more carbs back into my diet. It started with margaritas (obviously) and grew from there. If I gained a pound or two, I cut back on carbs for a few days until that weight came off again. On the day of my wedding all 30 pounds were still gone! And I was back to pretty normal eating!

And oh yea, I got to marry this awesome guy which was the best part of the whole thing 🙂

View More: http://chaophotography.pass.us/lindsayjason

Fast forward to almost 6 months later…

I am not the same weight I was on my wedding day. I am not sure if I ever will be again. I guess that happened for a couple of reasons. First of all, I started this little gluten free blog which opened my eyes to a whole delicious world of gluten free goodies and treats that I wasn’t eating previously. Plus, my fantastic husband and I have been visiting some pretty amazing cities over the last few months and have been living it up on every trip. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a delicious ride. But I somehow managed to put some of those awesome wedding weight-loss lbs back on.

Now I could just go to the gym. Right? That would be the healthiest thing to do. But this is how I feel about exercising:


After a long day at work and my hour long commute back home, I am just tired. Exercising does not sound like the way I want to start my relaxing evening at home. And for those of you crazy people who work out in the morning, I am impressed. No, really, I am. But my alarm already goes off at 5:30. Any earlier and I might need an IV full of caffeine to drag around with me all day. I just do not have the willpower to make myself go to the gym.

Which is why I believe in Atkins. I have seen it work for myself. And I have seen it work for those around me. I have a co-worker who has lost over 60 pounds on Atkins in the last year. Another who has lost 30 herself.

For those of you trying Atkins (or a low carb diet variation) yourself, Good luck! I am here for you if you need a virtual hug! And keep an eye out for my next post with some low carb meal ideas. Maybe you’ll get some good ideas of things to cook up yourself!


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