Eat Local & Gluten Free, Mississippi

When you’re gluten free, eating out can be hard. We all know that. It can be especially hard in some of our local restaurants down here in Mississippi, where deep fried food is more than just the norm, it’s whats restaurants are known for! But don’t we love it when we find a great local restaurant where we can eat gluten free?

Yesterday I had the privilege of eating lunch with Andy of Eat Jackson at Bravo! Italian Restaurant and Bar. If you’ve never been to Bravo!, you are missing out on one heck of a gluten free menu. From appetizers and salads to pastas and even desserts, the menu is loaded with gluten free options that will make your mouth water and leave you anxiously awaiting your next visit!

Yesterday we ordered the Gluten Free Bruschetta as a starter. Since discovering this appetizer, I don’t think I’ve ever visited Bravo! without ordering it. I promise it does not disappoint. Even Andy, who is not gluten free, could not get over how incredible the flavor was. He even enjoyed the gluten free bread!


Next up was the main course. I opted for the Tomato and Basil Gluten Free Pasta. If I have to be honest, it was a little bit greasy, but definitely delicious! And it’s always a nice treat to have pasta when you’re dining out gluten free.


When Andy suggested we use our Eat JXN card for two-for-one dessert, I couldn’t refuse! What girl could? I opted for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with Gluten Free Pecan Crust. All jokes aside, this pie is life changing. It is arguably my favorite dessert in all of Jackson, Mississippi. No really. It is that good. If you have not tried it, go to Bravo tonight and order one. Better yet, order an Eat JXN card so you can have TWO slices for the price of one! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thanks to Bravo for yet another incredible Gluten Free meal, proving that eating out in Jackson can be not only delicious, but safe for us gluten free diners! And thanks to Andy from Eat Jackson for the great company and lots of laughs over lunch!


6 thoughts on “Eat Local & Gluten Free, Mississippi

  1. are off of the Atkins diet..I have been on now for nine days and have lost 5 pounds…at a standstill…getting tired of the same old foods. Why did you give up?

    how fun to have lunch with Andy? I think you are becoming thing we know you will be on Oprah…or GMA…

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  4. As the creator of that dish, let me say that the tomato and basil gluten free pasta is supposed to be a bit “greasy.” That’s the good extra virgin olive oil used in making it!

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