Are You a Gluten Free Pasta Lover?

I love pasta. Well, honestly, I love most carbs. In fact, I would totally rock this tee shirt if anybody wants to get it for me:


But, I digress. Back to pasta…

When I first went gluten free, I struggled with gluten free pastas. I tried gluten free pasta after gluten free pasta and never found one that tasted quite like the “real thing”. And I always wondered why pastas left that strange, thick, white goopy residue on the bottom of my pans. Regular, gluten filled pasta didn’t do that.

In fact, I detested gluten free pasta so much that I pretty much avoided it at all costs. I went years without eating any pasta at all. I call those the dark days.

And then I discovered corn-based pasta. This new discovery helped me to realize that my life could be delicious and filled with the glorious taste of pasta again. It was a miracle! Before I knew it, I was snatching up every brand of pasta I could find that was made with corn or a corn-rice blend. And was I ever living in sweet pasta goodness.

Here are some of my favorites:


I got a sample box of Barilla’s new gluten free spaghetti at the International Celiac Disease Symposium in Chicago last week. And boy am I ever glad I picked this sample up! This quickly became a new favorite in our household. The texture is absolutely perfect – you would never know it was gluten free! And that goopy white stuff I complained about earlier? No such thing with Barilla! The pasta didn’t stick together at all – and I’m sure it would have been good as leftovers, but we wouldn’t know because my husband and I ate the entire box! (Don’t judge)

photo 3

I first found this pasta about one year ago in the gluten free aisle at Kroger. It is actually the brand that brought me back to gluten free pasta, believe it or not. A corn pasta, we prefer it to rice-based pastas. However, do not overcook this pasta because it definitely will fall apart if you do!

photo 2

You can find this corn-rice blend at Fresh Market. (At least in Jackson, Mississippi anyway!)

photo 1

This last pasta I also picked up at ICDS last week, but haven’t had the opportunity to try yet. Made in Italy, I’ve heard it is incredible and am really looking forward to testing it out! Have any of you been lucky enough to try it?

These are just a few of my favorites. What are some of your gluten free pasta favorites?


9 thoughts on “Are You a Gluten Free Pasta Lover?

  1. What? Barilla now has gf pasta?!?! I must find it!
    My husband and I have found two brands that we really like. One is a brown rice one, Jovial. And our new favorite is a blend of potato, rice and soy flour. Have you tried either of those?

      • I’ve never seen Jovial or BioNature – but I love having options for different pasta shapes! I will have to keep an eye out! Also, in regards to Barilla, they JUST came out with this pasta and said it should be in select stores by the end of 2013 and hopefully everywhere by Q1 2014. Fingers crossed.

  2. I like Jovial too. And Tinkyada brown rice pasta. But totally agree that the white gunky stuff in the pan is not attractive. I usually rinse the pasta with hot water before serving it once it’s cooked. I think I need to get some of these corn based pastas in my life!

  3. Squeamish about supporting Barilla at the moment!
    The corn pasta we buy at Trader Joe’s (their brand) is quite good. They do spaghetti and penne.

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