Dempsey Bakery: a Slice of Gluten-Free Heaven

Whenever I eat somewhere fabulous, I feel inclined to write about it. Especially when that place serves ONLY GLUTEN FREE FOOD! Talk about not having to worry about getting glutened! Everything on the menu at Dempsey Bakery in Little Rock, Arkansas is gluten, soy and nut free. Many of their items are also dairy free and egg free as well!

photo 2

I visited here yesterday afternoon for lunch with one of my customers. She suggested it, as she has many friends with gluten allergies and knew this place had a delicious (safe) lunch menu. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was going to love this place! It’s ridiculously adorable and the rows and rows of gluten free goodies smell absolutely incredible!

First thing was first. We needed to eat lunch. We both enjoyed a sandwich made with homemade gluten free bread! (I opted for the Muffaletta on this visit, but I would definitely try the adult grilled cheese if I ever have a chance to visit again).

photo 1

After we finished lunch, I scoured the bakery options for treats to bring home with me. There were rows and rows of cookies, cupcakes, breads, dinner rolls and cakes. With so many options, I sure did have a hard time making a decision. In the spirit of Halloween, I opted for this delicious gluten free monster cake.

Adorable AND Delicious!

Adorable AND Delicious!

I also grabbed a few iced shortbread cookies and a gluten free hot milk cake. (Which is currently being saved in the freezer so it will last longer).

Interested in ordering some of this deliciousness for yourself? Visit to take a look at their complete menu. They will ship anything you order to any state! (Orders must be placed over the phone as their online ordering isn’t up and running yet)

As for me? I’m adding Dempsey Bakery to my “must-do” list for my next visit to Little Rock!


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