GFAF Wellness Event: In Review

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Gluten Free & Allergy Free Wellness Event in Baton Rouge, LA. Just a three hour drive from Vicksburg, MS, I felt extremely lucky to have an event like this so close to home! Even though I had been on the road for 9 days prior to the event, I convinced my husband (who is also gluten free) that we just could NOT miss this event. So we hit the road together on Friday evening to ensure our early arrival on Saturday.


So, now that I’ve been, you must be wondering what I learned there? (Even if you weren’t wondering that, I’m gonna tell you anyway!)

My favorite speaker was Brandy Wendler, also known as Mrs. Northwest, who spoke on living heart-healthy while eating gluten free. As a nurse practitioner, who has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Brandy brought a unique perspective to the gluten free lifestyle and helped to raise awareness about the foods we are actually putting in our bodies. We all know that often gluten free pre-packaged foods are extremely high in sugar; Brandy spoke on the importance of eating fruits, vegetables, “good fats” and protein, while avoiding those pre-packaged foods when possible. After all, we all want our hearts to stay healthy, don’t we? 😉

Now I can’t make any promises that her presentation changed my life forever. I just went grocery shopping today and found myself grabbing for some Udi’s Snickerdoodle Cookies and Pillsbury Gluten Free Pizza Crust. But, we also loaded up with some chicken breasts, fruits and veggies. One step at a time I guess….

In vendor news, I was excited to see some gluten free products that we have never tried before! My personal favorite new find from the event was the Brazilian Cheese Bread from Say CheezZ. And bonus (!!!), you can even order these online!


My husband’s favorite new find was this corn-based Roux from Your Way Cuisines – perfect for making gluten free gumbo! Now I am not a big gumbo lover myself, probably because I did not grow up down South, but he was super excited about it! So obviously we had to grab a jar before leaving.


And let’s not forget about this gluten free hush puppy mix from Palmetto Farms! Another Southern classic, he can’t wait for us to whip up a batch of our own now!


All in all, we were both extremely glad that we attended the event. We talked to so many great vendors, met some fantastic people and heard some wonderful presentations. Special shout out to Nikki Everett and Jodi Stewart for the invite! Hope to see you both again soon!


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