YOLO – Buffalo, NY

Even though I now call Mississippi home, I was actually born and raised in Buffalo, NY. This surprises people who now see me wearing scarves and jackets whenever it drops below 65 degrees, but it’s true.

Lucky for me, my job takes me all over the country. From East Coast to West Coast, I am fortunate to visit lots of amazing cities throughout the year. But most of all, I am especially lucky that my job brings me back to the great city of Buffalo every once in awhile.

This past week, I spent several days in Buffalo, followed by a few nights in Albany, NY. And it needs to be said: I was never hungry for one minute throughout that entire visit. I haven’t eaten so much amazingly delicious food in one week in a long time.

Where was my favorite stop on this food adventure? Definitely my dinner at YOLO in East Amherst, NY. First thing I love about Yolo is the ambience. This place screams fabulous, with it’s sexy lighting and modern décor. The second thing that makes it so great is the incredible staff. All night long, my drink was constantly full (something I seriously paid for the next morning) and my every request delivered.

Let’s talk about this gluten free menu at YOLO. Tell me this is not the most extensive menu you’ve ever seen:

So many options!

So many options!

From incredible appetizers like stuffed peppers, stuffed mushrooms and knock-your-socks-off spinach and artichoke dip, to incredible sides including macaroni and cheese, this menu is loaded with awesome gluten free options! And we didn’t order a single thing that wasn’t absolutely perfect!

Insaaaaanely Good & Gluten Free!

Insaaaaanely Good & Gluten Free!

Headed to Buffalo anytime soon? Be sure to stop by YOLO. And don’t forget to try the stuffed peppers, which were definitely my favorite!


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