Margarita Madness: Day 4

And the madness continues… It seems my search for Jackson’s best margarita is never-ending – not that I’m complaining! This Saturday, I headed over to Jaco’s Tacos in Ridgeland for day four of my taste testing adventures. (The Ridgeland location is fairly new. Some of you may be more familiar with their State Street location downtown.) I have never had a margarita at Jaco’s Tacos before and I have to say, I was not disappointed!

First up: The Gold Margarita
This tasty blend of Jose Cuervo, Grand Marnier, and a splash of orange juice was every bit as delicious as it sounds. With a side order of chips and guacamole, my taste buds were definitely satisfied.

The Gold Margarita

The Gold Margarita

Next up: The “Original Margarita” – not on the menu.
When I started talking to our waiter about their best margarita options, he insisted he get me a specialty drink, hand-crafted by the owner himself. Who was I to refuse? This drink was not a traditional margarita like we are all used to. In fact, it was really just tequila. In a glass. With fresh lime juice. Think I’m kidding? The only ingredients in this baby were Don Julio Repasado and fresh California lime juice.

The "Original Margarita"

The “Original Margarita”

Word to the wise: Don’t drink this one on an empty stomach!

My favorite drink of the day was definitely the Jaco’s Margarita. One of the more popular options on the menu, this premium margarita is made with 1800 Tequila, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, and fresh squeezed limes. Delicious to the last drop, it definitely would satisfy any margarita-lover’s craving. The only downside? At $9.25 a pop it carries a pretty hefty price tag.

My favorite - The Jaco's Margarita

My favorite – The Jaco’s Margarita

So how does it stack up on the grading scale?
Freshness: B
Quality of ingredients: A-
Presentation: B+
Price: B
Happy Hour Specials: B+ (Swing by on Wednesday evenings for 2-for-1 margaritas!)

Another happy hour special at Jaco’s Tacos that rocks my socks is Saturday’s all-you-can-drink Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s for just $10 (with the purchase of an entree)! I’ll definitely be back to enjoy that awesome deal another time!

Long story short: If you’re downtown or in Ridgeland, be sure to hit up Jaco’s Tacos for a margarita sometime – especially on a Wednesday during Happy Hour! You won’t be disappointed.

*Special shout out to Anthony at the Ridgeland location for taking such good care of us on Saturday!


Margarita Madness: Day 3

As some of you may know, I started the search for Jackson’s best margarita a couple weeks back. After my first stop at Babalu Tacos and Tapas and my second stop at Sombra Mexican Kitchen, I wanted to visit a place that nobody would expect. So I started thinking of awesome local restaurants with good drink menus – and stumbled upon Georgia Blue. With locations in Madison, Hattiesburg and Flowood, you can visit a Georgia Blue no matter where you live in the Jackson area!


Georgia Blue is most known for their Plate Lunches and delicious “Southern-Style” meals, but their delicious margaritas are a well-kept secret. I knew they were a must-try on my journey to find the very best.

First up: The Georgia Blue Margarita. A “Camarena Margarita with blue Curaçao that takes your blues away!”

Georgia Blue Margarita

Georgia Blue Margarita

This drink sure was pretty, but boy was there a lot of salt on it! If you don’t love salt with your margaritas (I personally do not) then be sure to ask for yours with no salt. A little bit sour, the Georgia Blue Margarita wasn’t my absolute favorite, but I still enjoyed it, as evident by my very empty glass at the end of the night. 😉

The next margarita I ordered was definitely my favorite of the two. The Blueberry Pomegranate Margarita features Camarena Tequila, Triple Sec, sweet & sour, blueberry & pomegranate juices, splash of simple syrup & a squeeze of lime.

photo 3

How cute is it with those blueberries floating in the drink?! (Yes, I just called an alcoholic beverage cute)

So how does it stack up on the grading scale?
Freshness: B
Quality of ingredients: B
Presentation: A-
Price: A- (this drink goes for $8 normally, but it was happy hour, so it was only $4!)
Happy Hour Specials: A (1/2 priced drinks, including top shelf liquor, from 4-6 pm everyday!)

photo 4 (2)

Long story short: Next time you’re at Georgia Blue and you’re not sure what drink to order, give the Blueberry Pomegranate Margarita a try. It won’t let you down!

Margarita Madness: Day 2

Keeping up with the madness of my search for Jackson’s Best Margarita? Well lucky you, because day two was this past Friday. Because who doesn’t love happy hour on Friday afternoon?! (If you are one of those people, then I’m sorry, but this post might not be for you..)

In case you don’t remember (maybe you’ve been drinking too many margaritas of your own… huh?), my first stop was a delicious visit to Babalu Tacos & Tapas. Stop #2 on my journey was an easy choice – Sombra Mexican Kitchen at the Township in Ridgeland, MS. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know about my obsession with Sombra’s menu. No joke, I average between 2-3 lunches here whenever I’m not traveling. I am seriously wondering why my name hasn’t been memorialized on a plaque at my favorite booth by now…

Sombra Mexican Kitchen

Sombra Mexican Kitchen

But that’s neither here nor there. This post isn’t about food. It’s about booze. Margaritas specifically. And one thing Sombra does not mess around with is their margarita menu. Because I knew I couldn’t handle so many margaritas on my own, I brought three of my trusted co-workers with me for this challenge. What did we learn?

There are five (5) standard margaritas on Sombra’s menu. The first choice, the House margarita is their least expensive option. With just a $6 price tag (or an awesome $3 during happy hour!), this drink won’t kill your budget. However, it is just a little bit tart for me. If you like a margarita that’s extra tart, this one’s for you! However, if you want something that goes down a little more smoothly, try stepping it up a notch and ordering the Sombra or the Township.

The Township margarita has been my go-to marg at Sombra since the restaurant opened. Featuring Exotico Reposado tequila, agave nectar, lime and Brazilian orange liqueur, this drink offers the freshness I crave in a good margarita, with a unique flavoring. Even better, it carries only an $8 price – or should I say $4 during happy hour?! 😉

I had never had a Sombra before Friday, but I was glad I tried it. Featuring El Charro anejo tequila, Grand Marnier, agave nectar and lime, this one goes down very smoothly. It would be easy to knock back 3 of these babies before you even realized what hit you!

Oh – and I almost forgot to mention they squeeze their own lime juice in house and their agave nectar is 100% organic, gluten and allergen free and made without any artificial sweeteners?! Bonus points for Sombra!

But what was my favorite of the margaritas offered at Sombra Mexican Kitchen? Without a doubt, it would have to be the St. Rita. Featuring Cazadores Anejo tequila, St-Germain, agave nectar and lime, it’s hard to tell you are even drinking a margarita! In fact, I don’t know if I have EVER tried a margarita that was so smooth. Everyone at the table took a taste for themselves and the opinion was unanimous – the St. Rita is a rockstar.

St. Rita Margarita

St. Rita Margarita

So how does it stack up on the grading scale?
Freshness: A
Quality of ingredients: A+
Presentation: B
Price: B- (with a $12 price tag, this baby is pricy! But come from 4-6 during happy hour and it can be yours for only $6!)
Happy Hour Specials: A (because I LOVE a half-price margarita!)

Long story short: next time 5 o’clock rolls around and you’re looking for a quick margarita, head over to Sombra Mexican Kitchen. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Next up on my search? That would have to be Jaco’s Tacos in downtown Jackson.