Rice Krispie Treats Rock My World

A little while back, I wrote about my feelings for rice krispie treats in my post about my rice krispie treat wedding cake. Now you know that any girl who has her wedding cake made entirely out of rice krispies must be seriously in love with them. I won’t deny my feelings. You could probably even call me an addict.

When my husband and I first started dating, I made him rice krispie treats all the time. Every time his family invited me over for dinner, I showed up with rice krispies in tow. And maybe it was a little bit selfish on my part; let’s face it, there just aren’t many desserts that a gluten free girl can eat! But you can bring rice krispies to any event and almost every person in the room will enjoy them! They’re a perfect party treat. And the easiest dessert to make, ever!

Thanks to Pinterest, I have discovered new ways to spice up my own rice krispie treats.

For example, last fall, I was inspired to make these pumpkin rice krispies using pumpkin spice marshmallows and little cut out ghosts with traditional rice krispies for a Halloween party we hosted at our house.

rice krispies 3

That's a lot of rice krispies!!!

That’s a lot of rice krispies!!!

Every football season, I find myself making lots of batches of mini rice krispie footballs lined in white icing, as inspired by this Pinterest example:


And who doesn’t love strawberry rice krispies? For Father’s Day this year, I decided to make my new Father in Law some super manly pink rice krispie balls topped with icing and rainbow sprinkles. It goes without saying, he absolutely loved them! And I know he appreciated my excellent decorating skills! 😉

rice krispies1

For more rice krispie inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!

What is your favorite way to rock rice krispie treats?


Wedding Cake – Rice Krispie Style

One of my friends from college called me over the weekend and after some usual small talk, we somehow got to talking about my wedding. (I got married in March). Why yes, twist my arm why don’t you and I guess I will talk about my wedding…! 🙂 Anyway, we talked about everything from the ceremony to the band and food and to one of my favorite things – the cake.

Now, you may be wondering how I pulled off a completely gluten-free wedding cake. Well, we considered having a regular cake with just a single tier of gluten-free cake so we both could eat something during the “cake cutting”, but I knew that wasn’t an option for me. It just never felt quite “Lindsay” enough for my wedding day. And then, it came to me. A wedding cake made entirely of rice krispies! It would be unique, delicious and best of all, completely gluten-free! So I discussed it with my husband (fiance at the time) and we decided to give it a go!

When we found Cakes By Iris in Jackson, MS, we knew she could handle our unique request. And she did, beautifully!

How delicious does that look?

How delicious does that look?

The cake was absolutely stunning – not to mention delicious!!!

Absolutely Stunning!

Absolutely Stunning!

When everything was said and done, I was so happy that we decided to choose a cake that was unique to us and our personalities, but also one that we could both enjoy on our wedding day!

Are you considering having a gluten-free wedding cake for your special day? Tell me about it below!

P.S. Super special thanks to Chao Photography for capturing photos of our special day and the wonderful pictures in this post! To see more, visit http://chaophotography.pass.us/lindsayjason.