The Gluten Free Guest Guide

So you’re going to a wedding. Or any sort of event, really. There will be food, of course, but you have a gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease. Instead of stressing about it and worrying what you might or might not be able to eat, go prepared! Here are some helpful tips for navigating those big events in your life:

1. Whatever you do, do not as the host/hostess what food he or she will be serving at the event.
This is especially true in regards to attending a wedding. The bride is busy enough actually planning all of the details of her big day; she does not need the extra stress of accommodating food allergies. Unless she specifically brings up food in a conversation with you, do not ask. When attending a party, unless the host or hostess is a direct relative of yours, do not ask about the menu.

Wedding food - to eat or not to eat?

Wedding food – to eat or not to eat?

Although we all secretly hope our friends and relatives will remember our food allergies when planning events, we should never feel bad if they don’t. Eating gluten free is tricky enough for us to figure out. Imagine how much harder it is for people who do not have to eat that way!

2. Pack some snacks
Seriously. If you’re worried that you might not be able to eat much at an event, don’t be afraid to pack some little snacks in your purse. Snacks like gluten free granola bars or a small bag of nuts are always great options! Best of all, you can fit these in even the smallest of purses. Let me tell you from personal experience, it is better to snack on something you brought to an event than to just go hungry all night – especially if you’re drinking alcohol! 😉

3. Eat beforehand
If all else fails, eat before you go. I know this option is not all that great. We all know that being the only person who can’t enjoy all the delicious treats at a party is no fun. But you aren’t there JUST to eat. You’re there to celebrate, socialize and have some fun; so focus on that instead of thinking about all of the things you can’t eat.

Dance it up!


4. Just have fun
It’s just food, after all. If you didn’t remember to eat and you can’t eat anything there, don’t stress about it! Dance, have a few cocktails (but not too many on that empty stomach!) and enjoy yourself. As a last resort, you can always hit up the Chick-fil-A drive through for some grilled nuggets and French fries on the ride home!

Just Have Fun!

Just Have Fun!

Special thanks to Chao Photography for the awesome wedding photos 🙂


Wedding Cake – Rice Krispie Style

One of my friends from college called me over the weekend and after some usual small talk, we somehow got to talking about my wedding. (I got married in March). Why yes, twist my arm why don’t you and I guess I will talk about my wedding…! 🙂 Anyway, we talked about everything from the ceremony to the band and food and to one of my favorite things – the cake.

Now, you may be wondering how I pulled off a completely gluten-free wedding cake. Well, we considered having a regular cake with just a single tier of gluten-free cake so we both could eat something during the “cake cutting”, but I knew that wasn’t an option for me. It just never felt quite “Lindsay” enough for my wedding day. And then, it came to me. A wedding cake made entirely of rice krispies! It would be unique, delicious and best of all, completely gluten-free! So I discussed it with my husband (fiance at the time) and we decided to give it a go!

When we found Cakes By Iris in Jackson, MS, we knew she could handle our unique request. And she did, beautifully!

How delicious does that look?

How delicious does that look?

The cake was absolutely stunning – not to mention delicious!!!

Absolutely Stunning!

Absolutely Stunning!

When everything was said and done, I was so happy that we decided to choose a cake that was unique to us and our personalities, but also one that we could both enjoy on our wedding day!

Are you considering having a gluten-free wedding cake for your special day? Tell me about it below!

P.S. Super special thanks to Chao Photography for capturing photos of our special day and the wonderful pictures in this post! To see more, visit